Luxury St Barths Holidays

St Barths (St Barthelemy) is the ultimate destination. This exclusive and chic island in the French Caribbean, is famous for its rock star clientele. French is the official language of St Barths, but English is commonly spoken. The rich cuisine available is predominantly French and Creole.

When you touch down at Gustaf III Airport, you’ll meet a luxurious intimacy and relaxed way of life. A winter playground for the rich and famous, the island combines French elegance and Caribbean rejuvenation. There are twenty two gorgeous public beaches, including favourites Colombier Beach and Shell Beach. If you prefer to dive or waterski, Grand Cul De Sac is ideal for watersports.

The harbour town of Gustavia us the main urban hub, featuring an array of exquisite yachts. The town centre is replete with boutiques offering fabulous duty-free shopping. You can expect to pay for your luxury Italian & French goods with euros. Be sure to visit the Wall House Museum, the Lighthouse and the Cathedral when you are in town.

More About St Barths

Weddings in St Barths

  • Birth Certificate (with raised seal).
  • Certificate of good conduct (including certification of single status).
  • Residency card (one of the couple must have resided on the island at least one month).
  • Medical certificate (including blood test), issued within 3 months of marriage.
  • French translation of English language documents.
  • A “Bulletin de Marriage” and “Livret de Famille” are delivered at the ceremony. No fee is involved.

Festivals in St Barths

Every year, St. Barths hosts the Festival de Musique, attracting top international performers in January and February, and an April film festival specializing in Caribbean cinema.