‘If you have a love for the game of cricket, whether you are a player, an ex-player or simply an onlooker, many will be the pleasures in your life.’ So the introduction to ‘The Pleasures of Cricket’ tells us and there’s no-one who believes that cricket and pleasure should go together more than us. With this idea in mind, we’ve teamed up with our sister brand, International Cricket Tours, to create the ‘It’s Cricket Collection’, a selection of well-positioned, 4-star plus resorts that we think are ideally suited to host those amongst you who have discovered the joys of an England cricket tour. 

Prestige World owner Sara Malin, has been passionate about cricket since the early ‘80s and combining it with her reputation for effortless, luxury travel seemed a logical step. International Cricket Tours was born of a desire to bring a bit of sparkle to the cricket tours landscape and hotels we add to the It’s Cricket Collection are ones we think do just that – anything else just isn’t cricket!

Next up is the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia and below you will find one of our packages along with the itinerary which covers all England games , semi and final . There are shorter packages covering England games only or semi and final only so please get in touch if this is of interest.

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ICC T20 World Cup Match List

Match List – October

24 October      19:00   Match 1: Australia vs Pakistan, SCG, Sydney
24 October      19:00   Match 2: India vs South Africa, Perth Stadium, Perth
25 October      14:00   Match 3: A1 vs B2, Blundstone Arena, Hobart
25 October      19:00   Match 4: New Zealand vs Windies, MCG, Melbourne
26 October      14:00   Match 5: Afghanistan vs A2 Perth, Stadium, Perth
26 October     19:00   Match 6: England vs B1, Perth Stadium, Perth
27 October      19:00   Match 7: New Zealand vs B2, Blundstone Arena, Hobart
28 October      14:00   Match 8: Afghanistan vs B1, Perth Stadium, Perth
28 October      19:00   Match 9: Australia vs Windies, Perth Stadium, Perth
29 October      14:00   Match 10: Pakistan vs A1, SCG, Sydney
29 October      19:00   Match 11: India vs A2, MCG, Melbourne
30 October      19:30   Match 12: West Indies vs B2, Perth Stadium, Perth
30 October     19:00   Match 13: England vs South Africa, SCG Sydney
31 October      14:00   Match 14: Pakistan vs New Zealand, The Gabba, Brisbane
31 October      19:00   Match 15: Australia vs A1, The Gabba, Brisbane

Match List – November

1 November    14:00   Match 16: South Africa vs Afghanistan, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
1 November    19:00   Match 17: India vs England, MCG, Melbourne
2 November    19:00   Match 18: A2 vs B1, SCG, Sydney
2 November    19:00   Match 19: New Zealand vs A1, The Gabba, Brisbane
3 November    14:00   Match 20: Pakistan vs Windies, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
3 November    19:00   Match 21: Australia vs B2, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
4 November    18:00   Match 22: England vs Afghanistan, The Gabba, Brisbane
5 November    14:00   Match 23: South Africa vs A2, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
5 November    19:00   Match 24: India vs B1 , Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
6 November    14:00   Match 25: Pakistan vs B2, MCG, Melbourne
6 November    19:00   Match 26: Australia vs New Zealand, MCG, Melbourne
7 November    14:00   Match 27: England vs A2, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
7 November    19:00   Match 28: Windies vs A1, MCG, Melbourne
8 November    14:00   Match 29: South Africa vs B1, SCG, Sydney
8 November    19:00   Match 30: India vs Afghanistan, SCG, Sydney
11 November  19:00   Match 31: First Semi-final, SCG, Sydney
12 November  18:30   Match 32: Second Semi-final, Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
15 November  18:00   Match 33: Final, MCG, Melbourne