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Luxury Maldives Holidaysthe Indian Ocean’s finest private islands

Some of the most luxurious, unique and creatively designed private island resorts in the world are located in the Maldives. The cluster of pristine, white-sand islands strung together in the north Indian Ocean are a magnet for those seeking the most exclusive island destinations.

Corner-stones of the best of luxury Maldives holidays will be: an exquisitely-appointed, beach-front or over-water villa; a spa and wellness centre practising the latest treatments; the finest, Asian-fusion cuisine served in the most incredible locations and of course exemplary service from start to finish.

Our carefully-selected, first-class, Maldives resorts have made it their raison d’être to create unforgettable holidays that relax every fibre of your being. Picture yourself stepping from your own infinity pool into the perfect, tropical waters to explore the teeming fish and turtles swimming below, later you might take a cruise on a private yacht and sip cocktails on the deck at sunset, and in the evening there’s amazing dining to be had in breath-taking surroundings. Welcome to the cream of the Maldives.

Maldives holidays

Maldives holiday deals you can’t find online

There are many, many five-star Maldives resorts and trying to decide which to choose from can feel overwhelming, research isn’t easy and the most exclusive locations can be the most elusive!

Our team have unrivalled, expert knowledge to help you find the genuine, luxury experience you’re looking for at a great price. Calling one of our Indian Ocean experts makes your kind of luxury Maldives holidays that are just a plane ride away.

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Maldives Holidays
Maldives Holidays
Maldives Hotels